We provide quality supportive services to YOUTHS, ADULTS, seniors and adults/YOUTH with disabilities to ensure they receive the highest quality of independence care through contracted health and home care services.

We are contracted with most major MCOs.

Contact us to confirm if your insurance is accepted and we'll help you navigate through the insurance process.

We are contracted with most major MCOs.

C Renee's services over lifespan - We break our groups up into:


Youth and Teens

Daily Living Skills Training 

Consumer Education & Training 

Supportive Home Care 

Respite Care 

Supported Employment 




Daily Living skills training 


We can serve our members either in home, in the community or at our agency. 

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Children's Long-Term Support (CLTS)

Milwaukee County Disabilities Service Division contracts with Curative Care Network to provide Service Coordination for children and families currently participating in the Children’s Long-Term Support (CLTS) Waiver Program and the Children’s Community Options Program (CCOP).

The Curative team provides service and resource coordination for children with severe physical, developmental or emotional disabilities who meet the criteria of the CLTS Program. 

Children served must be residents of Milwaukee County.

To apply for the Children’s Long-Term Support (CLTS) program, please contact your County Agency. The Milwaukee County Disability Services Division (DSD) intake line is available Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. by calling 414-289-6799.

In 1993, Cynthia’s father was diagnosed with Stage 2 lung cancer. It was during this time, Cynthia realized how important it was to have a care provider in the home that is trustworthy and reliable. Cynthia’s family relied heavily upon each other to support her father’s personal and medical needs. Training family members was a vital task easily fulfilled by Mrs. Brown due to her work experience as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) and nursing student. 

Cynthia realized the more care that was being provided, her dad (the client) felt less independent. She quickly understood the importance of clients wanting to maintain some sense of their independence but most importantly their dignity. In 1999, after her dad’s unfortunate loss with lung cancer at the young age of 55, Cynthia continued her passionate work by caring for her mother in 2004. She provided for and managed the on-going home care services by nursing her back to good health after battling stage four cancer, strokes, brain aneurysm, and seizures. The doctor accredited her mother’s 7-year cancer-free battle to the compassionate and quality of care Cynthia provided her mother at home during her illnesses.

C Renee Consulting and Management Group (CRC) Division of Supportive Service was established in 2015 to further assist what society would consider “hard to employee” individuals. This includes but is not limited to Seniors, People with disabilities, At-Risk youth and Re-Entry Citizens to achieve their highest level of independence by providing them with quality supportive home care and/or job training services. 


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