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Thank you for considering C. Renee Consulting and Management Group for your Business Technical Assistance, Workforce Development, and Supportive Home Care needs.

CRC provides organizational change management assistance, through the development of coaching and consulting skills, process analysis, technology implementation, strategy development, and business operational improvement services.

CRC consultants use our proprietary methodologies to identify and recommend opportunities for streamlining your business processes. From back office and administrative functions to upper-level management, we can develop a plan to increase effectiveness and efficiency in your workplace.

CRC Consultants want our lasting impact on your business to be financial savings, increased productivity, and a broader understanding of strategic, operational and compliance measures.

Division of Business Development

Need to develop your infrastructure?
Do you have a human resource process?
Are you reaching your financial expectations?

Division of Workforce Development

CRC focuses on helping employers, job seekers, and the community. We provide high-quality screening with an emphasis on skills-matching and retention training.

Division of Supportive Services

We assist the elderly and people with disabilities in a variety of supportive services. With our program, all roads of care lead back to our clients’ homes where they are the most comfortable.





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