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  • Develop your business infrastructure.

  • Create and manage your Human Resource process.

  • Provide exceptional consulting services.


C Renee Consulting & Management provides an extensive consulting experience that offers services fit for start-up businesses as well as large corporations. We are equipped to assist with a wide range of services from writing business plans, management of human resources, group training, and professional executive consulting.

A business plan is the blueprint for your company’s future and is necessary to obtain financing. It describes your company’s market, operations, financial needs, and expectations. The development of the plan requires intense research. Depending on the type of business you are opening, a plan can take up to several months to prepare.


Setting up a company can be a daunting task as the process can be confusing. Most government agencies give very little assistance. C Renee provides over 14 years of experience in business entity setup. We assess your needs and process all necessary documents in a timely and efficient manner.


Business strategies and mentoring is a powerful tool for small business owners. Like a consultant, a mentor assesses areas of concern and offers solutions, steps, and training. The difference is in the approach; a mentor works with you one-on-one to develop your strengths and empowers you to look at different possibilities to find solutions.



C Renee offers a variety of group and individual training that ranges from human resources, customer service,  pre-vocational to personal development. We offer a systematic approach that is easy to learn. Each training is customized to meet your and/or your company’s specific needs.


We provide quality supportive services to seniors, adults and youth with disabilities to ensure they receive the highest quality of independent care through contracted health and home care services.




  •  Setup Legal Business Entities;

    • Domestic, Sub-chapter S  professional corporations.

    • Not-for-profits (non-profit)

    • Limited liability companies (LLC)

    • professional limited liability companies (PLLC)

    • General and limited partnerships

    • Sole proprietorships

  • Help you file for:

    • State, National, and International Trademark

    • State Trade Name

  • Create and process official business documents:

    • Tax licensing and registration

    • Operating Agreements

    • By-laws and Amendments

    • Minutes

    • Statement of Change Resolutions

  • Non-Profit Creation and Project Management 

  • Human Resources including;

    • Hiring and Interview processes

    • Developing job descriptions

    • Performance evaluations

    • Preparing benefits and pay scales

  • Accounting Services ​

    • Payroll​

    • Bookkeeping 

    • Taxes 

  • Digital Products: Click Here


C Renee Consulting and Management Group has proven success of assisting business owners with expertise in the areas of Human Resources and Crisis Management. As a client, I can definitely count on C Renee Consulting and Management Group to keep my agency up to date on changing policies and compliant with local, state, and federal mandates. Helping business owners accomplish their goals and succeed is not a job to C Renee Consulting and Management Group. It's a mission and staff are passionate about making a positive impact on the community at large.



  • Workforce Trainings;

    • Personal Caregiver TrainingRespite Care Training, Caregivers Self care Training, Business Management Training, and Staffing.   

  • Training for Pre-vocational skills;

    • Job readiness (including interviewing skills, soft skills, telephone techniques, and resume critiques.)

  • Supported Employment

  • Empowerment/Personal Development

  • Customer Service Training

  • Bookkeeping


Work Force 

Development -

Real Story

unnamed (1).jpg

Case: Meet Trina she struggled with programming until she attended our training.

Results: Against all odds, social and legal barriers Ms. Trina obtained her License and is a Substance Abuse Counselor –in-training in 2017. As of 2020, she is studying for her permanent license.  

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  • Daily Living Skills Training

  • Supportive Home Care             (Non-medical)

  • Housing Resources 

  • Estate Administration includes handling:

    • Probate

    • Payment of Debts

    • Management of the Estate

    • Tax Matters

    • Distribution of Assets


Supportive Services - Real Story


Case: Member was overwhelmed with dead end attempts at securing housing.

Results: C Renee was able to get member moved in her own Independent apartment within 2 months of receiving the referral. 


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